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solar panel security

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Due to solar farms and wind turbine sites being situated in remote areas, security is paramount to providing protection against theft, vandalism, and arson. Farms can cover anything from 1- 100 acres, so they often require high specification equipment to protect the perimeter line.

Solar panels are mostly stolen and sold on, or refitted elsewhere. Plant and machinery is also targeted by organised crime gangs.

4K / 8K CCTV system

We install market leading CCTV solutions and there are several options to consider, from solar, mains, or battery powered.

Deep learning analytics with advanced algorithms distinguishes people, vehicles from moving objects, such as trees, severe weather, and general false alarms.

Our technologies are fitted with optional audio horns, and we provide 24/7 monitoring with unlimited national response. Local HD screens are set up for full visibility, with access to VMS & mobile application.

Key Features:

  • 4K / 8K quality to provide crystal clear images in day and night
  • Deep in mind artificial intelligence for false alarm reduction and advanced event detection
  • Audio horns for audible challenges on intruder activation
  • NSI gold monitoring services with constant health checking
  • Unlimited SIA guard & emergency response included with all rental systems
  • HD monitors on site to allow live view, playback, and archiving footage
  • Mobile application and VMS for visibility of the project remotely

Eco towers & wireless towers

For quick deployment, we install wireless video verification products that can be fitted in under 2 hours. This technology incorporates artificial intelligence for accurate alarm activations. The devices benefit from being full HD, battery powered and wireless communication for versatility.

Key Features:

  • Solar panels fitted to towers for considerate contractors
  • Full HD quality, 4G connectivity and completely wireless for total versatility
  • AI detection to classify events and analyse target probabilities
  • LED sirens to deter and provide a visual deterrent to intruders
  • NSI gold monitoring services with constant health checking
  • SIA guard & emergency response on alarm activation
  • VMS & 12 months storage, and the system has time lapse capabilities
  • Arming app to enable project members to arm / disarm of prearranged scheduling

Intruder, fire & flood detection

Our smart wireless system has been designed for fire, flood, video & alarm management, and can be quickly deployed to protect people & assets from a potential tragedy.

Key Features:

  • Wireless fire alarms and call points
  • Safetyhub fire alarms, first aid button and hand sanitizer stations
  • Monitored smoke detection and sirens for early warnings
  • Fire suppression systems to help contain the spread of fire
  • NSI gold monitoring services with emergency response

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