Fire Detection

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Fire Safety

Following a risk assessment, we carefully select technologies that can detect, contain, and help guide towards a safe exit.

We design, install, and maintain a wide range of fire detection systems to British Standards for extra peace of mind. Our fire industry association (FIA) qualified engineers provide total solutions to match the build environment and activities taking place.

Our construction site fire safety equipment can be installed on multiple applications, with maintenance and health check reports included. NSI Gold monitoring is highly recommended with site-specific protocols in place, enabling emergency services and key contacts to be informed promptly when an incident occurs.

smoke detector for construction site

Wireless Fire Alarms

Our comprehensive range of detectors deliver early warnings by communicating in under 0.15 seconds which results in lightning-fast activations, immediately notifying of smoke, carbon monoxide and sharp jumps in temperature.

Wireless fire alarms provide an alternative and offers comparable levels of protection as a wired addressable system, but with the advantage of no wires required between detection devices and the main control panel.

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Push Button for Temporary Sites

Our BS EN54 certified alarms are mounted onto fire posts that can easily be relocated around site if escape routes change. One push of a button sets off all devices to ensure site staff can evacuate quickly and safely. The first aid assistance button provides a call for help without setting off a full site evacuation.

We listen to your requirements and tailor safety hub points exactly as you need it to be on your site. Hubs can be configured as a fire safety centre with extinguisher, first aid point, hand sanitiser station, spill response, safety information place and even used to hold PPE.

Evacuation alarm for construction site

User-friendly to operate

Up to 127 stations can be connected on our evacuation system in a mesh network, ensuring messages get through. Control panels link fire devices once they have been addressed and the panel constantly monitors connections between stations, then provides a warning if any station becomes disconnected, or if batteries become low.

Full training is provided on panels, keypads and all fire equipment installed, and we issue a user-friendly guide as part of the project handover.

Fire extinguishers for construction site

Fire Extinguishers

Our conventional extinguishers are kitemarked to British Standards BS EN3 and hold a 5-year warranty. The range consists of water, powder, foam, through to CO2 to match class ratings.

Opalstone also provide P50 extinguishers that are made from an ultra-tough composite material, which cannot corrode. Every component has been carefully selected for high performance, with the result that the extinguisher boasts a 20-year life cycle, and a 10-year guarantee. The P50 self-service extinguishers have been tested on and approved for use on live electrical equipment up to 1000v at 1 metre. In many cases, this removes the necessity for a separate CO2 extinguisher, and is an impressive cost-saving innovation.

Emergency Signs for construction and building sites

Emergency Signs For Construction Sites

Having the correct safety signs and emergency lighting is vital to help people find a safe exit. In the event there is a power cut and main lighting has failed, our emergency signs and systems provide vital guidance and knowledge on how to evacuate the building safely.

Flood Prevention for vacant properties and building sites

Flood Prevention

Monitored leak devices can detect pipe breaks and excess water to prevent floods. The unit reacts instantly and sounds an alarm, and we fit optional anti-flooding components that can shut down the water supply to ensure your building and assets remain unharmed.

For total peace of mind, our flood detection solution can be combined with intruder alarms, video verification and smoke detectors.

How the systems work

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Control room receives an alarm activation

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Alarm analysed and actioned

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Fire brigade and response units called, or notified to attend site


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