Time Lapse

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Record your project from start to completion

Our time lapse production for construction sites really brings your project to life, ensuring important work phases never get missed.

We install Time Lapse cameras combined with the most advanced camera software, so that you can concentrate on better management and speedy completion. Snapshot images are taken every 2-10 minutes and compiled manually, and at the end of the video production, a 2-5-minute video is produced with bespoke graphics & music.

We can add any elements to your final film including, but not limited to:

• Titles.
• Text and captions (e.g., milestones, facts and figures, website/phone contacts)
• Stills (e.g., images, diagrams, blueprints, maps)
• Before/after comparisons.
• Music selected by you from our royalty free selection.
• Any completion photography or videography you may have had undertaken.

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Ultimate access with unlimited users

Enjoy a live view of your construction site from anywhere. You can use your mobile, tablet or laptop, in the office, on site or when you are working remote.

We provide access and unlimited users that can be passed onto your customers.

How the systems work

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Snap image taken every 10 minutes

security images stored in cloud


Images saved locally and remotely

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Images checked throughout the project

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Bespoke time lapse video is produced


  • High Quality
  • Track Progress
  • Live View
  • Video Production
  • Music Edits

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You can also email us and one of our security experts will be in touch: