CCTV Towers

Starlight Tower

Opalstone provides a range of cost-effective free-standing telescopic towers on weekly hire.

Our Starlight tower is popular for sites that require a compact unit with 24/7 recording capabilities and analytic detection for offsite monitoring applications. Having four vandal-proof cameras mounted to the top enables full 360-degree coverage to secure your site and this solution benefits from 4K – 8K resolution.

We provide optional solar panels or mains powered technologies with battery backup, and all units are inclusive of 4G connections, NSI Gold monitoring & unlimited SIA guard response.

Starlight CCTV towers can be easily transported by our engineers for deployment and relocated seamlessly.


  • Max weight 78kg
  • Reduced mast height 1.46m (telescopic)
  • Total mast height 2.35m (telescopic)
cctv tower with lights

Greenlight Tower

For projects that require the ultimate visual deterrent, the Greenlight tower has two 110v LED green flood lights on top, powered by 240v mains outlet, with a 110v step down transformer. Each unit has two high -resolution cameras with 50-metre analytics range to detect 100 meters collectively.

We utilise Immix cloud with Check my CCTV to keep an eye on CCTV Tower connections and tampering notifications, with alerts if a camera image is too bright or dark, out of focus, or out of alignment.

Solar Tower security

Solar Tower

Fully autonomous with two cameras and a raid camera for extra protection. No power required, instead three large solar panels have been built into the design, supported by a methanol fuel cell to give at least 6 months duration before needing to be topped up.

Having battery back-up options by mix of fuel cell and solar panels delivers extra peace of mind for our customers.

cctv tower platform access

Platform & Access

Our CCTV tower ranges includes customer portal access and mobile application to view sites remotely.


  • Space requirement approx. Up to 2.5m x 2.5m
  • Max weight 520kg
  • Total mast height 6.2m (telescopic)

How the systems work

Intrusion icon


Tresspassers unlawfully enter your site

Detection icon


Control room receives an alarm activation

Recognition icon


Video footage analysed, audio announcements actioned

protection icon


Police and response called or notified to attend site


  • Visual deterrent with green light
  • Integrated video analytics
  • Cameras with raid
  • HD PTZ dome camera
  • State-of-the-art video
  • Remote maintenance
  • 3G/4G connection
  • Solar & battery back-up
  • Live view camera access

We provide free site surveys and produce bespoke system designs

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