Intruder Alarms

Protecting people, property & assets

Our alarms are smart, user friendly, and maintain PD6662 to exceed European and British standards. You can rest assured; our security specialists will provide a professional alarm installation that is efficient and cost-effective.

Sirens with LED provide a visual deterrent and generate sound from 85 to 113 dB on event activations. Or sirens can be completely silent when the device is set to respond to alarm only with LED indication.

Stylish & Modern

There is an array of devices to meet site specific requirements, such as PIR, door contacts, motion cameras, curtain, smoke, flood, glass break and anti-vibration. Our sleek range of devices are available in black or white colour to fit with your decor.

Sensors communicate in under 0.15 seconds which results in lightning-fast activations, and we provide 24-hour monitoring services with break-in response for extra protection.

Up to 7 Years Battery Life

Jeweller radio protocol ensures the continuous operation of all devices within your security system, with two-way communication between hub and detectors up to 2,000 meters. Jeweller technology synchronizes communication with connected devices, and authenticates to eliminate forgery, and encryption to protect against data leaks. It is a highly energy-efficient radio protocol that allows detectors to operate for years from our pre-installed batteries.

Smart Control

Our user-friendly alarms enable installer and end user visibility by utilising the mobile application and desktop platform. The software is cutting-edge and allows us to manage users, configure different rooms, and support the system. All notifications deliver rapid alerts and there is a constant health check showing battery life, temperature, and connection status for each device.

Arm & Disarm

There are several methods when arming & disarming your alarm system and it could not be simpler with keypad, keyfob, mobile application or desktop software. Control devices are protected from signal tampering and interception, and the notification feed in the mobile app records who and when deactivated protection.

How the systems work

Intrusion icon


Trespassers unlawfully enter site

Detection icon


Control room receives an alarm activation

Recognition icon


Alarm analysed and actioned

protection icon


Police and response called or notified to attend site


  • Wireless Alarms
  • Motion Cameras
  • PIR Devices
  • Door Contacts
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Leak Alert
  • Sirens

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