Wireless Solar Security

Rapid Deployment

Maxsite VV units are military standard and protect construction sites, critical infrastructure, and high-risk projects throughout the UK. This technology is also used to secure country borders in 35 countries, and is deployed in defence, law enforcement, and commercial sectors.

Our HD detector has two different cameras to capture clear images in all light and weather conditions. Once motion is detected, the detector activates the appropriate camera for available light conditions, then captures an image and generates an alarm. Detection ranges achieve 35m night vision to 100m in daylight, with true day / night lenses and built in infra-red to enable clear sight in complete darkness.

Trusted by the Military

For total versatility, our solar powered or battery solution can be mounted onto rapid CCTV towers, hoardings, fences, walls, site cabins and even trees in remote areas. No mains power, internet connection or site generators required throughout the project.

With 4G connectivity, the cameras can be located anywhere, and they are completely wireless to enable relocations throughout your project as you move onto new phases.

Artificial Intelligence

AI automatically detects and classifies images on alarm activations and gives a probability percentage on the target. For example, Person 99%, Car 95%, Truck 90%, Motorcycle 97%.

Sirens activate on alarm activation to deter intruders and our monitored solutions sends video clips in full HD to control room operatives. Video footage is analysed promptly, followed by response guards and police being dispatched to apprehend any intruders.

Solar Tower security

Considerate Contractors

Our solar cameras and towers are utilized on projects that have environmental commitments, or locations where there is no internet or power. We can enhance the device charge significantly by adding a small solar panel to the bridge or cameras. Our eco option is popular on construction sites, rail projects, solar farms, and many developments with large open space areas.

Adaptability, with Ultimate Access and Unlimited Users

We provide a web-based portal to keep an eye on all your sites, with 24/7 visibility on desktop and smart mobile Armit app. Video management solution (VMS) provides constant health monitoring and routine checks for reporting, and images are stored for up to 12 months.

How the systems work

Intrusion icon


Trespassers unlawfully enter

Detection icon


Control room receives an alarm activation

Recognition icon


Video footage analysed and actioned

protection icon


Police and response called or notified to attend site


  • Wireless ECO Towers
  • Wireless Security Systems
  • Rapid Deployment
  • 4G Connectivity
  • Full HD
  • Analytic Detection
  • Military Standard

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