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security fences for vacant properties

Insolvency & Vacant Property Security

There are increasing numbers of vacant properties, shops, pubs, clubs, restaurants, and offices left vulnerable for arson, trespassing, squatters, and vandalism. When properties become vacant, they are an easy target for trespassers to enter and leave the property owners with a costly bill. It is estimated that billions of pounds of repair works are caused to empty properties, through vandalism and arson alone. This is not taking in account the time and hassle of trying to get squatters evicted.

We provide physical security, through to 24/7 monitored CCTV systems, wireless verification, and fire & flood systems.

Intruder alarms For Vacant Properties

Our smart wireless alarms trigger instantly on an intruder activation. The equipment is cost effective, simple to use and delivers rapid activations. Fully compliant and PD6662 to exceed British and European standards.

Key Features:

  • Motion Cameras
  • Wireless PIR
  • Door contacts
  • Smoke detectors
  • Flood devices
  • LED sirens
  • NSI gold monitoring
  • Optional SIA guard & police response

Eco Towers & Wireless Cameras

For rapid deployment, wireless security systems protect vacant properties in under 2 hours. This monitored technology incorporates artificial intelligence, and 24/7 monitoring services with unlimited alarm response.

Key Features:

  • Full HD, 4G, and wireless communication for remote connections
  • AI detection to classify events and analyse target probabilities to reduce false alarms
  • LED sirens for warnings to deter intruders
  • NSI gold monitoring services with constant health checking
  • SIA guard & emergency response on alarm activation to apprehend intruders on site
  • VMS & 12 months storage, and the system has time lapse capabilities
  • Arming app to enable project members to arm / disarm of prearranged scheduling

Fire Detection

We design, install, commission, and maintain temporary fire safety systems to keep your property safe and secure. Our Fire Industry Association (FIA) qualified engineers install systems that provide early warnings to enable emergency response to attend site promptly.

Key Features:

  • Monitored smoke detection and sirens for early warnings
  • Fire suppression systems to help contain the spread of fire
  • Emergency signs and lighting
  • NSI gold monitoring services with emergency response

Vacant Property Security Services

Key Features:

  • Property inspections undertaken weekly with reports and pictures issued to comply with insurers
  • Mobile patrols, keyholding, guarding and alarm response
  • Emergency door and window boarding up

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