Vacant Properties in the UK Increases

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Did you know there are almost 700,000 Vacant Properties in the UK?

As the UK cost of living crisis worsens, so does the housing crisis and in turn the number of vacant properties. The latest statistics show that the UK has a whopping 700,000 empty houses with London topping the league with almost 900,000, and over 268,000 are classed as “long term” empty meaning they have been vacant for over six months.

Neglected properties are magnets for break ins, vandalism and of course, if left unattended they can be subject to maintenance issues and damage. If the property is empty too long this can cause irreparable damage with work to repair may cost more than any profit to be made on the property.

Another critical issue for vacant property is squatters, not only do squatters go hand in hand with damage and vandalism it is also increasingly difficult to remove squatters from properties. This is often a lengthy process with associated court costs being extremely high, and the longer this goes on the more the value of the property decreases.

A Proactive and Hybrid Solution

Opalstone Group are vacant property security experts and can manage the property timeline from start to finish, making us a one stop shop for all your vacant property needs.

Our hybrid solution includes cleaning/clearing, boarding, maintenance and Total Security Solutions ranging from solar CCTV, perimeter patrols and monitoring. Whatever solution we deploy, your property is better looked after whilst vacant.

We offer a proactive approach to vacant property security ensuring you can have a property protected the same day it becomes vacant, saving time and money. Our enhanced vacant property inspection reporting includes incident reports and photos for insurance compliance.

If you’d like to find out more then contact us via our website or call 0333 772 0555.